Hear From Hand & Stone’s Franchisees

If you’re considering franchise ownership, hear firsthand what it’s like to be a Hand & Stone franchisee. In these videos, you’ll learn details directly from massage franchise owners and employees about how they’re profiting from spa ownership in the booming health and wellness industry. Find out the reasons why they decided to buy a franchise and why Hand & Stone is one of the best franchise opportunities to invest in.

See what Hand & Stone franchisees are saying:

Sumit Bansal, Multi-Unit Franchisee MI

Why is being an owner a great investment?

Multi-unit Hand & Stone franchise owner Sumit Bansal talks about why the Hand & Stone franchise model is a great investment and how the corporate team is available to franchisees for help at all times.

sumit basil hand and stone investor

“Before saying yes to Hand & Stone ownership, my mindset was to find a franchise model I liked in a local area that would allow me to expand with new nearby locations. After 12 years of salon franchise ownership, I knew what franchise opportunities I was searching for and really enjoyed the Hand & Stone franchising model. I wanted a company that was successful in multiple states where I could leverage that success and expand a brand locally in Michigan. I found that with Hand & Stone.”

Joe Harris, Multi-Unit Franchisee NJ

What makes Hand & Stone a great company to do business with?

Hand & Stone franchisee Joe Harris discusses what makes Hand & Stone a great corporation to work for.

Bill Mooney, Multi-Unit Franchisee NY

What do you love about being a franchise owner?

Hear from multi-unit Hand & Stone franchise owner Bill Mooney about what it’s like to be a franchisee and provide positive health and wellness experiences for customers.

Christiana Anthony, Multi-Unit Franchisee NC

What is the experience like as a franchise owner?

Hand & Stone franchisee Christiana Anthony talks about her 7 years of rewarding experience as a massage franchise owner and working with the team she sees as one big family.

christina anthony franchise owner

“We've been owners for 7 years and its a very rewarding and challenging experience. We have found it to be exceptionally rewarding in that we get to give back to our community, we get to provide services that are affordable, and keep people coming back every month. It's very rewarding to have a staff of folks who are trained and love what they do.”

Tom McMenanin, Multi-Unit Franchisee NJ

Do you have any tips to help grow your business?

President and CEO Todd Leff interviews multi-unit Hand & Stone owner Tom McMenanin on tips to grow teamwork, dedication, and customer and employee satisfaction at spa franchise locations.

Tara Bogota, Multi-Unit Franchisee NJ

What advice do you have for new franchise owners?

Franchisee Tara Bogota offers advice to new franchise owners and encourages the use of Hand & Stone corporate’s outstanding franchisee support and training.

Willie Hill, Lead Massage Therapist

What is it like to work at Hand & Stone as an employee?

Willie Hill, a massage therapist, talks about what it’s like to work at Hand & Stone as an employee.

Willie Hill massage therapist

"You never have to worry about booking your own clients because Hand & Stone handles all of that for you. I couldn't tell you a few years ago that I knew I'd be a lead therapist here only because I didn't see it for myself at the time. You just have to do certain things like leading by example."